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Mass Wasting
Earth Campus (online)
Geology 104 - Earth Science
at Marble View, Kaibab National Forest
Preliminary syllabus and schedule for Spring 2024: Revised 22 January 2024
Spring 2024, 16-week session
January 29 - May 25 (CRN 53311)
Intro PPT
Introductory PowerPoint: revised 21 January 2024
PDF of slides

Welcome Video, shot 12/30/16 at the VLA in New Mexico: (need to get a round tuit)
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Online Orientation
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Technical Requirement for Online Learning
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Earth Science Text Book:
The Text 'specs':text-specs (new window)
"Foundations of Earth Science", Lutgens, Tarbuck & Tasa, Ninth Edition, Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-013-830173-6 - online rental, $58.82, includes Modified MasteringGeology (purchased at the Miramar Bookstore only) 8th or 7th edition, or earlier, By Lutgens, Tarbuck, and Tasa. (Current edition is the 9th edition, but the earlier editions are still very good!
An Introduction to Geology, FREE (Salt Lake Community College)
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Regional Geology Resource Books:

The Rise and Fall of San Diego: 150 Million Years of History Recorded in Sedimentary Rocks, Patrick L. Abbott, 1999, Sunbelt Publications.
ISBN: 0-932653-31-6

A few videos students may have seen in my classes:

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Earth Revealed Video Study Guides:

Go to https://geolecture.geology-guy.com/earth_revealed/ (new window)

Powerpoint Presentations (HTML & PDF versions) based on Earth 12th Edition, by Tarbuck, Lutgens & Tasa

Go to https://powerpoints.geology-guy.com (new window)
Geo-Poetry: Summaries of each of the text's chapters, in haiku form:
self-running PowerPoint
Check out my geology web site E-mail address:
philfarq AT gmail.com
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